About the crumby cookie dough co.

our cookie dough is safe to eat - we made it that way on purpose, using science.

and we make it with awesome-only ingredients, so you can (tr)eat responsibly.

you can also bake cookies with our cookie dough. for your family. with real good ingredients.

no fake stuff, lots of local love. just like you would make from scratch.

if you had the time. or felt like it.



we started out as a bakery, but it burned down.

so now we don’t bake anything.


you could call us an un-bakery.

we make honest-to-goodness cookie dough - and we make it with the very best ingredients.

our cookie dough is safe to eat just as it is, and also bakes up into kickass cookies with almost no effort on your part.

both options are highly recommended.

we use real ingredients so we can feel good about what we are feeding to your family.

our focus is on real food - stuff from nature, recognizable ingredients that you respect, and local products wherever we can - so we feel good about that too.

(this whole thing is really just about making us feel good.)

go forth. enjoy the dough. do not apologize for your dark secrets.