cookie baking know-how


basic instructions, for frequent cookie cookers

· set oven to 350°F

· scoop onto prepared baking sheet.

· bake until they look like cookies.

pretty detailed instructions, for less-frequent cookie cookers.

with footnotes.

· set oven to 350°F

· for easy clean-up and a pleasant no-stick lifting experience , line cookie sheet with parchment paper

· scoop or form dough into uniform-ish pieces *

· flatten slightly if you’d like **

· bake for 8-14 minutes, depending on size and preferred doneness ***

· let cool for a few minutes before moving from the hot tray ****

· enjoy!



* make ‘em as big or as small as you want. you can make lots of wee cookies, or you can make one ginormous cookie. ‘normal’ sized cookies tend to be in the walnut-sized to ping pong ball-sized range.

** with a kitchen utensil of your choosing…or with your hands if you’re a monster (monsters are smart)

*** larger cookies need to bake for a bit longer, and the longer you bake ‘em, the crispier they’ll get (we like ours crispy around the edge, and soft in the middle)

**** or….don’t. you’re a grown-up. you make the rules.