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Things that people ask us

Q. is your cookie dough really safe to eat?

A. it sure is!

we use heat-treated flour and heat-treated eggs so you can indulge worry-free!

the flour bit is very important - though it seems that eggs get most of the questions. people should not eat raw flour, but heat-treated flour is completely safe.

pasteurized eggs are also key - we shouldn’t eat raw eggs either, but pasteurized eggs that have been heat-treated are safe enough that you could just….drink them….if you wanted to (ew.)(people will look at you funny, but you do you).

in the same way that pasteurized eggs are safe to use in other uncooked products (caesar salad dressing....mayonnaise....eggnog....meringues....etc), they are also perfectly safe in cookie dough. (scott at public health says so - so yay!)

Q. how do i know the flour your using is really safe? (i’ve seen those news reports saying to avoid edible cookie dough!)

A. because not everyone realizes the risks involved in eating regular, untreated flour, there have been some news reports warning the public against eating raw cookie dough - and we agree - it is important to be sure you are eating a safe product!

some edible cookie-dough companies toast flour on their own in an attempt to minimize costs - but this results in an inconsistent product, and to be honest, we aren’t even sure this is allowed by our health departments!

at the Crumby Cookie Dough Company we are proud to use a patented, legitimate, heat-treated flour so that we are absolutely certain our product is 100% safe and delicious. If you’d like to read up on the delivery and heating processes that go into making our ready-to-eat flour, you can find more information HERE.

Q. Can i bake an actual cookie with your edible cookie dough?

A. with our edible cookie dough, yes you can! (or could we even call it cookie dough??)

we just weren’t interested in making a cookie dough that you couldn’t also bake into a truly delicious cookie.  so, we spent hour after tasty hour testing each flavour, to make sure they were not only delicious as cookie dough, but also as the best cookie you’ve ever baked.

soft or crispy - or anywhere in between - it’s up to you! (we like ours crispy around the edge, and soft in the middle)

find our complete guide to cookie cookery here:

Q. Can i get dough delivered?

A. in many cases - yes! (we call it a dough-livery. for legal reasons.)

we can deliver any quantity of cookie dough to your doorstep in the Kitchener Waterloo, ON area at a reasonable price. we need about 48 hours notice to make that happen. we are proud to work with Eco Courier KW who are happy to provide 100% emission free delivery in the KW region! This is awesome!

We also offer a MONTHLY COOKIE DOUGH SUBSCRIPTION service - cookie dough delivered to your door every month! Hot Tip: makes a great gift!

if you are looking for a larger delivery - we do that too! (for parties, events, weddings, office shindigs, etc).  just contact us, and we will work out all the details. we can even wrap them up individually for party favours if you're looking to get real fancay.

you can even reach out to us about cold shipping out of town - this sort of chilly delivery can be on the pricey side - but if ya wants the dough, ya wants the dough, right? 

no matter what your dough-livery needs or questions, the best thing to do is to ask them here:


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